Out into the Big World…

Something really exciting happened at Prickles yesterday….

Our crates had been cleaned out as usual, and there was a whole lot of rustling going on as we got our nests nice and comfy I think I’ve got mine off to a fine art now!!

Well anyway, afternoons are usually pretty quiet here but when a couple of People Thingys came in with two boxes then filled them with straw us hogs that have been here a while knew it could only mean one thing – hogs going back to the Big World… The only question was who??

We were all peeking out as the People Thingys picked out the crates of two hogs called Wes and Ollie two chums from Langport – they had pretty much kept themselves to themselves as some hogs do….

Crumbs…. You should have seen the size of them boys they were massive – Horace whispered that they’d have to put an extra large door on the door on the box so that they could get out!! I hope they didn’t hear us hogs can get a bit huffy about our size..

And off they went – the first hogs have gone back to the Big World. One of the People Thingys said that they were starting to think this day was never going to come and something about 2 down, 167 to go??..

So does that mean Spring has come and is he going to stay a while? I haven’t seen him yet have you – is he a bit like the Easter bunny I wonder..

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


2 thoughts on “Out into the Big World…

  1. It’s a good thing that you don’t live here Crispian. It is supposed to snow here the next 3 days.
    I hope that you and your chums can get out and stretch your paws soon. You will like Spring when he finally shows up.

    • Hi Lori I’ve not seen snow but i think that some came here when i was having my Big Sleep. The brilliant papery stuff makes a lovely warm nest if it gets really cold for you.
      Crispian x

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