Holly cat returns

Do you remember Holly cat she lives with the People Thingys next door.. She used to come into Prickles at least twice every day before my Big Sleep..

Well in she strolls at teatime last night like she’s never been away. She still does that funny scrunched up face look – it’s almost like she can smell something really bad.. Hope it’s not us hogs!!

Well the People Thingys were busy getting our yummy teas ready when she let rip with that really funny noise she does – I’m sure I don’t remember it being so loud!

Luckily the People Thingys gave her some chicken cat biscuits quickly before she could carry on too long…

It was lovely to see Holly cat again but problem is she’s given Horace this terrible idea that’s had all us hogs awake with our paws over our ears ever since..

He seems to think if he practices enough he’ll be able to do the Holly cat noise and the People Thingys will give him extra biscuits..
Its awful and he’s not getting any better.. Silly hog!!

Horace has gone quiet now (hopefully given up) so I’m going to put my paws up and try and snatch a little snooze before tea..

Catch you again soon

Crispian x


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