Dancing hogs

There’s another great thing about the brilliant papery stuff in our crates that’s just had us hogs rolling about with the giggles this morning!!

Well, I’ve got to tell you when the People Thingys are cleaning out our crates every morning the clean papery stuff just goes everywhere… Sometimes you can barely see the floor when they’ve finished!!!

But the really funny bit is this dance they do when they’re sweeping it up…

It goes like this – raise your left People Thingy paw behind you then look over your shoulder to look at the bottom of it, hop and wobble around a bit then flick the papery stuff off and do the same with the right!!

Me and Horace have been trying to do the dance but we keep getting our paws and spines in a mess and face planting our crates!!Its been so funny..

Hope you’re having lots of fun today too

Catch you again soon

Crispian x


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