Well you might be asking yourself what I’ve been doing today to be too busy to be tip tapping away…..

I have to confess me and my chums have been having a nest building competition!!!! I mentioned before about the brilliant new papery  stuff  that goes in our crates,  a hog can (and we do) spend hours making the most comfy nest for the night. I never thought I’d say it after all those times I spent kicking my little fleecey blanket in the air but I just love it!!

These are a few snaps of our afternoon

Nicely cleaned by a People Thingy…


Going in!!!


Back out again to see how it looks


And finally…..time for a snooze!!


What fun it’s been a great day, my mealworms and catmeat are going to taste extra yummy after being so busy

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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