A lucky escape

I’ve been chatting to another new chum today called Joe, he’s from Axbridge.

Poor Joe came in a couple of nights ago really late. He was in a terrible state and had to be taken straight to the Hoggie Healers (I think Jules calls them Langford vets?? – she says they are amazing!)

Joe told me that he had not long woken up from his Big Sleep and was snuffling around trying to find something yummy to eat when a Big Furry with sharp teeth came and bit him which really hurt.
Joe tried to curl himself into a little ball but he was bleeding and had a big hole in his side, luckily a People Thingy found him and called Prickles…

As Joe was telling me his story another new hog called Tom said that he had heard that a lot of People Thingys have Big Furrys that live with them, and whilst most of them ignore us, some think us hogs might make a tasty treat or be something to play with..
Makes my spines crawl just thinking about it!!!

If you have a Big Furry I’m sure that they are very nice but please could you keep a close eye on them when they are out at night to help keep hogs safe.



Crispian x


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