What does it all mean?

I’ve not been tip tapping much I’ve been really busy – me and some chums have been trying to solve a little mystery that’s been puzzling us…

Lots of things are different since I’ve been back at Prickles – lots more hogs, new People Thingys and our brilliant papery bedding to name a few..
Another new thing are some coloured pieces of paper on the front of some of our crates with writing on. We think that they are there to help the People Thingys care for us but we don’t know what some of the words mean so we’ve had fun guessing!!

Some crates have MEDS written on them – these hogs are poorly or a couple have the itchies, so we think this means those hogs need special care to get well.

The one that’s got us really stumped is a whole bunch of hogs on the other side of Prickles who’s crates say DIET…
Charlie who’s above me and has a better view says those hogs are really big so it means handle with two hands. Horace says he can hear them moaning when he crunches his mealworms so he thinks it means grumpy hog. I’m not sure but it’s fun guessing, let me know if you have any suggestions!!

Catch you again soon
Crispian x

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