Hog watch

I’ve been peeking out of my crate this morning and I’m sure that i saw the big shiny in the sky! Crumbs… it seems like a long time since I’ve been able to say that – Horace reckons i need my eyes testing!!
All of the People Thingys coming in today have been saying how very cold it still is and i have to say I’m a little worried about all the hogs out there in the Big World..
I overheard Jules talking to another People Thingy and she said that lots of hogs are waking up from their Big Sleep and finding it hard to find food… She’s asking People Thingys to put out food and water for us to help us out until Spring comes (I wish he would hurry up!)
As I sit here tip tapping away in my lovely warm nest knowing I’ll be having a yummy tea later I know how lucky I am to be here at Prickles. If you see a poorly or small hog out in the Big World
please pick them up and contact your local rescue centre.
Catch you soon
Crispian x


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