Over 16,000 hits

Us hogs at Prickles  have had such a good day today making up our hoggie giggles, it’s been so much fun. Poor Polly from Frome was laughing so hard she inhaled her dinner – we were all rolling around our crates when she started sneezing. Those mealworms went everywhere… she was so embarrassed!!!

I’m a little shy to say it but I just have to – I’m just bursting with pride…. My little blog has had over 16,000 hits – I think that’s meant to be really good, and already today I have had visitors from the United States, Lithuania, Poland, Mexico, Belarus as well as the UK,  I’m not sure where all of these places are but my little cheeks are glowing…

It’s so lovely knowing so many People Thingys care us about us all  here at Prickles Hedgehog Rescue,  please keep sharing our adventures  it means a lot

Catch you soon


Crispian x


3 thoughts on “Over 16,000 hits

  1. Crispian Ive JUST seen a little hedgehog outside so I left a bowl of mealworms and unsalted peanuts for him.Do you think he will enjoy it? I know how Horace likes his mealworms!

    • Good morning im so pleased that you have a hog in your garden and you are feeding it yummy treats. I am a bit worried though.. You say that it is a little hog, us hogs are really struggling in this cold weather and any little ones may not survive – i think that you should pick up the hog when you see it next and contact your local rescue centre straight away. You can contact Prickles for advice if you need it.
      Good luck let me know how you get on
      Crispian x

      • Thats good advice Crispian-thankyou.As a hoggie yourself you know what is best.Ive seen this little chap twice and picked him up to check him over.I will look out for him again tonight and if I see him I will put him in the hay filled box I have ready for any hogs that need help.My local animal rescue centre helped a sick hedgehog for me last year and she was released back into my garden.I will take the little chap there.

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