Hoggie Easter

Hello everyone,

Us hogs have been really confused this morning it has been very odd….

Firstly Jules and Cate came into Prickles really early and were fiddling about with the round number thing on the wall saying something about springing forward???Then some People  Thingys came in to clean out our crates, and as they were opening the cupboards and moving everything around they kept finding these oval shaped shiny things and getting really excited!!

One of the People Thingys shouted out that the Easter bunnys been and he’s left us all eggs – a bunny that leaves eggs that sounds very strange to a little hog…

I’m not sure what sort of eggs they were but the People Thingys were all eating them so they must be yummy!!I asked around and none of the other hogs saw this bunny,  but we’ve all said that we are all going to go to sleep early tonight and hope that he comes back  and brings us something nice. Horace would like an egg made of mealworms!!

I guess Easter must be a special time  for People Thingys, so from all of us hogs here at Prickles Happy Easter.

Catch you soon


Crispian x


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