Falling asleep on the job

I thought I’d update you on a couple of my chums from Prickles that you might remember from before my Big Sleep. With so many hogs here now it’s been tricky trying to speak to everyone  – it can get really noisy when all the People Thingys aren’t around and everyone’s chatting. Also we don’t have fleeces to keep us warm in our crates any more we have this brilliant papery stuff that everyone’s rustling around in, it’s so warm and comfy it’s like being back in a nest with my Mummy – I’ll send you a picture of it soon when my keyboards working properly, it’s so much fun!!

Talking of my keyboard I haven’t told you about Eddy yet have I. As you might remember I’d trained Eddy to type a bit and he was going to take over my blog whilst I was having my Big Sleep, well you’ll never guess what happened.. Eddy had been moaning that he was really tired when we were practising , I just thought it was just because his mind was more on his cat meat and mealworms  than the quick brown fox and he does love moaning, but it wasn’t…

Well, when I came back into Prickles my crate was put right next to Horace’s (do you remember him he was Eddy’s crate mate) I was so chuffed and couldn’t wait to tell him about my first Big Sleep but he was really quiet and  I just didn’t know why he was having a hoggie huffy, I was a bit upset. Eventually he told me what had happened, you won’t believe it… Turns out Eddy’s tiredness was him getting ready for his Big Sleep, and he didn’t realise till he was just about to snooze off – silly hog!!!

He gave Horace my keyboard to keep safe just as one of the People Thingys came to open their crate and put Eddy in his Big Sleep box. Horace being Horace (the mealworm loving super hog) hid it in the best place he could think of under his cat meat!!! Can you imagine what state it was in  – poor Horace  thought my keyboard was broken  no wonder he looked so sad!!!

A good clean and as you can see I’m back tip tapping away (except some of the keys are a little sticky and it’s still a bit smelly) Poor Horace I shared a few of my mealworms with him though and he’s back to his old self!!

Phew my little paws are really tired now I’m going to put them up for the afternoon

Catch you again soon


Crispian x


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