Ticked off

I’ve had a lovely day chatting to a new chum that came into Prickles a few days ago she’s been really quiet cuddled up on her heat pad apart from munching on her mealworms (she’s really loud!!) until today.

Her name is Fern and she comes  from a place near my neck of the woods called Locking. When Cate brought  her in she looked really small and cold poor thing. She was just hanging her head until Cate got her to look up –  and crumbs…  I could barely see her eyes and nose there were all these horrid things on there.. Jules called them ticks and I tried counting how many she took off and lost count after I had counted all of my toes twice (us  hogs aren’t great at counting) Jules said these tick things really like jumping on hogs when we’re not well and that poor Fern wouldn’t have lived much longer in the Big World…

Fern says hi and that she loves it here at Prickles. She wanted me to make sure that everyone knows that they should contact a hedgehog rescue centre for advice  if they see a small or poorly hog, and always if you see a hog in the Big World out and about during the day, she suggested  that I share Prickles email address in case you would like to know more so here it is  http://www.prickleshedgehogrescue.org.uk

Catch you soon


Crispian x


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