Lucky Hogs

Morning everyone,

I’ve had a good look around this morning and I can’t believe how many hogs there are here at Prickles soo many crates –  I thought I was still snoozing and having one of those moving picture things in my Big Sleep…

Turns out from listening to Jules talk to one of the other People Thingys that it’s been too cold for any of us hogs to go back into the Big World yet so we’re all being kept here at Prickles warm and safe until Spring comes properly whoever he is.

I thought it was strange when I woke up from my Big Sleep, I stretched my paws and was really excited because my Mummy said that after a  Big Sleep it would be nice and warm with lots of our favourite food like slugs and snails to fill our tummys with. I rushed out of my lovely warm box in the special outside place, I could see the stars through the see through ceiling and walls and when I pressed my nose against it brrrr!!! . I was so glad when a People Thingy came that night with a plate of yummy catmeat and mealworms and brought me back into Prickles.

It must be really hard being a hog in the Big World right now, us hogs here at Prickles are so lucky.

Catch you again soon


Crispian x

4 thoughts on “Lucky Hogs

    • I can’t believe that there are People Thingys out there reading blogs written by little old me, it makes me a very proud hog.
      Please keep reading
      Crispian x

  1. Hooray! You’re awake. Look forward to you blogging about all your 2013 adventures. Keep nice and warm for the time being.

    • I will be keeping you up to date with the goings on here at Prickles. I’m busy catching up with my chums and the new hogs today, thankyou for reading
      Crispian x

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