A Huge Hoggie Hi

Hello everyone,

I hope that you remember me –  it’s Crispian the little hedgehog that was found trapped in a crisp packet.

I’ve woken up from my lovely Big Sleep, and am back here at Prickles. I’ve got sooo much to tell you but I’m still very tired and will need a little time to get my hoggie paws back into tip tapping away . It’s been like starting all over again, my spines keep getting in the way and I’m sure my claws are longer than before my Big Sleep which makes it even harder hitting the right keys!! And my keyboard………..well that’s another story I need to tell you – you just won’t believe it!!!

Catch you again soon – it’s great to be back


Crispian x

2 thoughts on “A Huge Hoggie Hi

  1. Hello Crispian and welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your Big Sleep.Looking forward to hearing more of your hoggie adventures at Prickles x

    • It’s great to be back and I’m so pleased that you haven’t forgotten me. I’m busy catching up with my chums and the new hogs so look out for my updates
      Crispian x

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