Hoggie Easter

Hello everyone, Us hogs have been really confused this morning it has been very odd…. Firstly Jules and Cate came into Prickles really early and were fiddling about with the round number thing on the wall saying something about springing forward???Then some People  Thingys came in to clean out our crates, and as they were […]

Falling asleep on the job

I thought I’d update you on a couple of my chums from Prickles that you might remember from before my Big Sleep. With so many hogs here now it’s been tricky trying to speak to everyone  – it can get really noisy when all the People Thingys aren’t around and everyone’s chatting. Also we don’t […]

Ticked off

I’ve had a lovely day chatting to a new chum that came into Prickles a few days ago she’s been really quiet cuddled up on her heat pad apart from munching on her mealworms (she’s really loud!!) until today. Her name is Fern and she comes  from a place near my neck of the woods […]

Lucky Hogs

Morning everyone, I’ve had a good look around this morning and I can’t believe how many hogs there are here at Prickles soo many crates –  I thought I was still snoozing and having one of those moving picture things in my Big Sleep… Turns out from listening to Jules talk to one of the […]