A Big Sleep for Christmas

Hello everyone

Well, I couldn’t quite manage a note yesterday because I could barely keep my little eyes open I was sooo tired. Today, the People Thingys seemed very excited when they came in this morning – probably something to do with it being Christmas Eve – and they’ve kept me awake singing songs about Father Christmas. Whoever he is.

Anyway, the typing training has been going really well and I think they’ll soon be ready to start blogging, which will be good because I have decided that today I am heading towards my Big Sleep. Finally. Yes, I’m big enough now and will cosy on up in a little box full of straw in a special part of Prickles, curl up as tightly as I can, and drift off. I’m hoping I will be able to sleep through until the Spring. That would be really nice.

Eddy has just yelled across the Hogspital and said that he will start the new blog on New Years Day – it’s going to be called “Prickly Tales” and apparently, the address is: pricklytalesblog.wordpress.com. Please tell everyone to follow it from 01 January 2013.

In the meantime, I really must go. I’m just too tired to stay awake any longer.

Catch you all again very soon when I wake up!
Love Crispian

Oh, and by the way – the wonderful People Thingys that did the bag-packing at Waitrose yesterday raised £464.85 which is completely amazing! Who would have thought it?! A huge hoggie thank you from us all, guys x


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