Wrapping Up

Good Morning everyone

I hope you are all well…not long to go now is it?! Have you all got everything ready for the “Big Day”? There certainly seems to be lots of excitement here at the Hogspital and the People Thingys seem to be talking about a big dinner they will make and presents they will be unwrapping…

All sounds very strange to a little hog…we shouldn’t be awake to see all of this going on and I must say we’ve all been wondering what it’s all about!

I then thought about how I would wrap a present….I only have little paws. And I think my spines would spoil the wrapping paper….I’d probably get in a right mess!

Anyway, have a lovely day and I hope to share another picture or two with you all again a bit later.

Don’t forget – if you want to donate anything to Prickles to help keep us lot going over Christmas, pop onto their blog section and you can make a donation:

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian


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