Counting mealworms

Hello everyone

You’ve probably all been wondering what I have been up to all day….my little paws haven’t been tapping away very much. I will let you into a secret; I have been counting mealworms.

One of the People Thingys gave me extra portions this morning for my breakfast and I enjoyed my cat meat so much that I decided to keep my mealworms back for a bit. I then got to thinking about how many I might have on my little plate…..

Counting for hogs is quite tricky but I think I can manage up to about 20 now….the problem was that Alvin kept interrupting with more Giggles, and that started Eddy off moaning about something and I had to keep starting over and over….it’s taken me all day to count my little plate of mealworms!

I hope you’ve had a fun day – tell me what you’ve been getting up to.

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian


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