We’re not pets

Dear People Thingys

We have had a new little hog come into Prickles yesterday….it’s ever so sweet and I think in time I will be able to be really good chums with it. However, it wasn’t looked after properly and it’s now really poorly.

Sometimes when you find us out and about, you want to do your best for us, take us into your homes and care for us. Whilst I know that you think we’re lovely (and we are!), we don’t really belong in People Thingys lives….we like to mooch about your grassy places, steal a few earthworms, that kind of thing.

If you keep us in your homes for too long, cuddle us lots, and start to make us your pets, we will find it ever so difficult being put back into the wild. We need to eat the right things, and if we’re poorly, we need the right special things to make us feel better.

Please, please, please – don’t keep us. If you find us, ring your local hog rescue centre and get advice – they will probably come and pick us up and bring us into the centre for the right kind of care. We’re only picked up for weighing or medicines. We’re not cuddled or played with. We’re wild little animals who are much happier doing our hoggie thing in the Big World.

Let us be hedgehogs not pets.
Thank you.

Love Crispian


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