Cat meat…..mmmmm

All the People Thingys have been talking today in the Hogspital about what they want for Christmas….us hogs have been having a little chat…

I think the top thing we want for Christmas is cat meat. We can’t get enough of it. We all know Horace and Eddy love the mealworms, but I admit to loving the cat meat they give us here. It’s scrummy. I even dream about it!

We really enjoy poultry or chicken flavour, especially in jelly – the jelly bit is so soft and gooey!

I suppose being a little bit of a celebrity this could be seen as being a little bit like a “diva” (is this right?! You People Thingys have such funny words!) but we really don’t like other flavours. That’s just how we are!

We have had some wonderful donations of mealworms arriving lately – thank you so much – but we would also love lots of cat meat!!!

If you could send me personally an extra large supply that would be great; I want to tease Horace & Eddy with my own personal stash!

Everyone here is giggling away now – I so like to make others laugh.

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian


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