Crate Expectations

Gosh it’s been a busy day here at Prickles.

One of my favourite People Thingys visited us today and took lots of photos of us in our little crates; she has promised that I can include them in my little notes on here – watch this space!

And I have some very exciting news about crates. We live in them at the Hogspital. Some of us live on our own, especially if you’ve grown really big like I have (mealworms…..mmmmm!). But Prickles now has a bit of a problem; they have run out of crates. So some hogs have had to share their crates with other hogs, which is fine, but there are only so many hogs to go round and only so many crates to share in.

One of our amazing People Thingys has been talking to another People Thingy who is quite important in a company who makes the crates. This company, called Hagen, has agreed to give Prickles 10 new crates to help us out!! We are so excited! They’ve even said that they might be able to give us some more next year if we need some more.

So I wanted to say a big hoggie thank you to Hagen – your help is amazing.

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian


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