I’m still here!

Hello everyone

I’ve been a little bit slow on the blogging today…so much going on!

We have had a further 4 little hogs come into Prickles today. I’m not sure where they’ve been rescued from, but I know that they are really small. I like the really small hogs – they’re great fun and tear around really quickly (when they’re feeling well and have been fed lots!)

We have run out of crates. One of the People Thingys said that more hogs would need to start sharing with other hogs so that they could stay somewhere but it’s quite tricky now….I’m really hoping something happens to make things easier for everyone here….

We’ve had lots and lots of mealworms; one People Thingy brought in 14 pots….I’ve been counting them….I can’t believe it. Horace will be so excited. We’ve also been given lots of cat meat – even the People Thingys have been brought biscuits. Thank you – this is really kind and we all really appreciate it.

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian


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