Roll up, roll up

I’ve just overheard some People Thingys talking about something they are doing tonight.

Up in the gorge in Cheddar (that’s near where we live at Prickles I think), there is a big Festive Night with lots of pretty things around, People Thingys selling nice Christmas things…

Prickles Hedgehog Rescue will be running a little stand with a tombola and some games (I don’t know what these are but that’s what I’ve heard). They’re going to try and raise some money for the rescue centre. It will be going on between 6-9pm.

I think this means if they do make some money, they can buy me some more food…that would be lovely.

I wish I could go….although I might get a bit cold. I think I’ll stay put in my fleecey crate!

So please go and spend lots of money!

Thank you.

Love Crispian


2 thoughts on “Roll up, roll up

  1. hi crispian are you well only you are quiet today?
    my name is i live in frome my chums here are still living out in the gardens
    but we have good peoplethingys they are putting out plenty of food for us and i have found a nice house partly furnished with hay so im adding more things like leaves and am now thinking i will go for my long sleep please keep in touch hope to hear from you again.
    love to all at prickles

    • Hi Elsie thank you for your message today. It sounds like you’ve been really busy in your grassy place. Things are hectic here at Prickles; so busy that Eddy was moaning earlier!! There’s no pleasing some hogs!

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