It’s not her….it’s me!

I overheard some of the People Thingys this morning talking about Jules, the founder of Prickles, being asked when she was writing my blog….

It’s not her – it’s me!

It’s my little paws tap, tap, tapping away on this little computer.  Jules is far too busy to be writing blogs – she has over 140 hogs to look after and feed, so I’m not sure where People Thingys thinks she gets the extra time from!

This did make me giggle in my crate this morning…is it really that strange that a hedgehog can blog?

So – as I sit here tap, tap, tapping – could I please ask everyone for some more food please? We’ve had some really smashing People Thingys turning up with cat meat and mealworms but Horace and Eddy eat loads, and if we don’t get more in soon, goodness knows what they’ll start chewing…!


Love Crispian



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