Us hogs here at Prickles are starting to feel excited about Christmas….news of the royal baby got us all a little giggly, but so has Christmas, too.

What would we like as a Christmas present?  I fancy another fleecy blanket because I like being all cosy and warm.  I think Horace and Eddy would like extra rations of mealworms.

I think all of us are really pleased to be safe and warm, though, and that will give us a very special Christmas.  After all, being out in the Big World when you’re not enjoying your Big Sleep isn’t very nice.  It’s really cold now and I know that little hogs don’t enjoy the cold if they’re awake right now.

So a little note about Christmas….I normally sleep through it and sort of miss it but this year, I suppose, will be a little different….I wonder if we’ll get any little decorations or a special dinner?!  Who knows – the People Thingys are so kind, we may well do.

Crumbs.  This will be my first proper Christmas.  And I’m really looking forward to it.

What are you doing for Christmas?

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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