Nine newbies

Spoke too soon….it didn’t stay quiet for long!

After two tiny hogs came in from Bristol, another 7 (yes, 7!) came into Prickles from you know where…yes, the hog-spot itself; Frome. Crumbs.

People Thingys everywhere, lots of shuffling around to try and make space with hardly any crates left….it’s tricky times. The bestest thing is that all the little hogs, including us bigger ones (!) are doing well and we’re ever so grateful.

If you want to help us out but are not sure how, you can sponsor one of us. You can buy hog boxes for your grassy places. Pop onto the Prickles website for the info.

You can bring us some chicken flavour cat meat or mealworms. We also love newspaper and fleecy blankets, too. It would all be ever so gratefully received and us hogs would give you such a big thank you.

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian

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