Wow….I’m not sure I’m going to say ever again that my world is quiet…it’s not dropping water from the Upstairs…but it seems to be dropping hogs into Prickles….

You may have seen from the Prickles updates on Facebook today that there have been lots of new hogs arriving over the last two days – 16 in total so far….and at a time when the People Thingys here have almost run out of crates….perhaps we should all start putting up little hog-tents?!

Times are tricky but the People Thingys never say no here at the Hogspital and if a hog needs help, Prickles are there for them.

In my little post earlier I asked about you wonderful People Thingys trying to help us; some of you have already done so today and brought in food and newspapers. Thank you! It makes a huge difference and we really do appreciate everything that we are given. Eddy was saying earlier that it was like Christmas coming early….

It would truly make all our Christmases if you could continue to give what you can to this amazing place….I will be so sad to leave it. I’ve made some wonderful little friends here and the People Thingys are so kind….it’s a wonderful place to see out the winter!

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian




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