New Blog Coming Soon

In Crispian’s absence whilst he hibernates, we would like to remind his faithful followers that a new blog from Prickles Hedgehog Rescue will be launching on 01 January 2013. Please pop onto this new blog: and keep up to date with stories from Prickles, written by Crispian’s chums who have all now learnt how […]

A Big Sleep for Christmas

Hello everyone Well, I couldn’t quite manage a note yesterday because I could barely keep my little eyes open I was sooo tired. Today, the People Thingys seemed very excited when they came in this morning – probably something to do with it being Christmas Eve – and they’ve kept me awake singing songs about […]

It’s nearly Big Sleep time…

Well, everyone….I can just about get another couple of little notes tap, tap, tapped before I think I need to curl up into my little ball and snooze for a while. I think everyone else is almost ready to start telling their little stories in my absence. It’s amazing how some hogs have really taken […]

Sometimes….it’s sad

Sometimes at Prickles…things are sad. We had a hog come in the other day and they didn’t stay with us long. It died. We were all really sad. We also had another little hog who just couldn’t stop coughing – that’s probably one of the reasons I am still awake….I know they couldn’t help it […]

The Quick Brown Fox….

Morning everyone Through heavy eyelids I have been very busy (and tried to be very patient, too!) teaching some of my chums here at Prickles to type. I must have been a very clever little hog because I picked it up really quickly….the others, however, seem to be taking a little longer in getting used […]

Pack it in!

I have been overhearing the People Thingys talking about something that they will be doing this Sunday 23 December. There will a little group of them at Waitrose (?!) in Weston-super-Mare (my neck of the woods!!!) packing bags at the tils. I’m not sure what this means but I know that they’re doing it to […]

Feeling hot, hot, hot….!

Good evening all Prickles has just admitted a new hog, a huge girl from Rickford (she’s nearly as big as me!). She had lots of ash all over her and some of her little spines were burnt. I think she must have started her Big Sleep in the left-overs of a People Thingy’s bonfire. She’s […]