Techno Trouble

Being a hog here at Prickles is a wonderful thing…we get to be looked after round the clock by wonderful People Thingys.  A little bit like a Hog Hotel except they give us special things to make us better, so Hogspital is the better way of thinking about it.

However, I didn’t think that I would have problems typing my little blog.  Today was the day.  Techno Trouble.  I heard one of the People Thingys say this about one of their computer things once and I remembered it…they seemed so fed up with it, so grumpy…

I have almost been pulling my little spines out…it just hasn’t worked….until now!

I’m back!  The hog who Blogs is back.

Stay with me – I have some catching up to do…..

Catch you again very soon!

Love Crispian



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