We like being Wild

Morning everyone

Gosh, isn’t it chilly out there?  I’m looking out from my lovely warm little crate to the see-through to the Big World and everything is covered in white stuff.  Us hogs don’t normally get to see the Big World so cold because we should be enjoying our Big Sleep right now.

Sitting here in the Hogspital I can see how pretty it looks with the Big Light shining brightly.  I’m very grateful to be tucked up in here, though.

I can report that little Star who was so poorly yesterday has made it through the dark and is doing well now, eating lots of mealworms and getting herself back together.  I’m sure she will be up and chatting before too long.  I was really worried about her. We all were.

I was asked by someone called SpaceCadet yesterday if we made good pets.  No, we don’t!  We like being wild and are supposed to just be left alone to do our hoggie thing.  When People Thingys take us into their homes as pets, they can end up feeding us all the wrong things which upsets our little tummies.  Also, because we’re supposed to be out in the Big World, being so close to People Thingys is worrying for us.  We end up wanting to stay curled up and the People Thingys then get fed up and bored with us.

So as a hog, I’d like to speak up for us all and say – please don’t keep us if you find us.  Let us be wild little hogs doing our hog thing.  We’ll be much happier.  Only if you think there is something wrong or we look very young and we’re out during the winter months should you handle us (carefully please!) and get us to a rescue centre.

Thank you very much.

Oh, and I hope that you’re all going to watch the BBC Points West bulletins at lunchtime and this evening – Prickles is going to be on there.  Wow.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian




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