Linking Hog

I have been so excited by some places on the computer today that have written nice things about Prickles Hedgehog Rescue – and about me! – that I thought I would tell you about them.

Cheddar Valley Gazette have written about a horrible case of children locally in Axbridge using us hogs as little footballs.  They also mention my little blog which is very exciting but the football thing, this needs to stop please:

There was a rumour going around a few days ago that this might have been going on, and when I found out that this was true, I felt so angry and annoyed that anyone could do this.

I may have told you about BBC Points West on the Viewing Box today….they have been talking about us hogs and how we have been struggling in the recent floods in the Big World.  They even showed little Star, who was sooo poorly when she first came in.  They also have this on their website:

It’s lovely that Prickles is getting such good People Thingys showing such concern for us.  We’re all very lucky here at the centre.

Thank you.

Love Crispian







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