Don’t be a Hog-Hero

The People Thingys at Prickles have asked me to put a note about other People Thingys trying to help hogs.

They are becoming really concerned that more and more People Thingys are trying to do their best for hogs that they find but they don’t take them to a special rescue centre like Prickles and it can end up doing more harm for the hogs.  They don’t understand what they might need to help them feel better.

Us hogs are not that complicated really (well, I’m not but I did get stuck in a crisp packet….) but when we get poorly we need to have the right things to make us smile again.

Would you please make sure that everyone you know – please ask everyone to read this blog, tell them on Facebook or Twitter or email – how to look after hogs.  The best way to look after a hog is not to to even try to. Take it to a rescue centre or ring them and one of their nice People Thingys like Barry will come and pick it up for you.

We would be ever so grateful.  We will even promise to eat lots of slugs and worms when we get put back in the Big World in the spring.

Thank you.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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