Crate Hogs!

The People Thingys are busy feeding us all at the moment….I overheard one of them say that they have a crate crisis.  I think that means that they have so many little hogs in the Hogspital here at Prickles at the moment that they have almost no crates left to put them in.

Someone else was saying that it costs £5.00 per hog each week to feed….the cat meat and mealworms are really yummy but they don’t come to the centre for free unless someone lovely has given it in to us.

If you would like to sponsor me – I think this means you can give some money to Prickles and you will be sent news about my care, my time at the Hogspital, things like that – this would help to keep the cat meat and mealworms flowing; just how we like it!!

I would go and rattle a little tin around but I’m really quite cosy here in my little crate with my soft fluffy fleece….!  Plus, being a hog, I don’t understand about money and it would take me far too long to count it….

If you know of anyone that you think might like to support the work of Prickles, do tell them about the website which tells them all about the work going on.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian




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