Lights, camera, action…..!

I can’t quite believe it…..but guess what?!?!

We have the BBC coming to film with us today at Prickles Hedgehog Rescue!  They might even want to talk to me…crumbs.  Should ask someone to get my spines and make-up done…

“Points West” have heard so much about the good work that is going on here that they wanted to talk to Jules and her team of People Thingys.  I’ve heard they might want to talk a little about my crisp packet rescue story; even my blog might get a mention!  Wow!

So Lights, Camera, Action as they say….there’s lots of things going on here…lots of things being moved around, things being set up….they all seem like very nice People Thingys…I wonder if they’ll ask for my autograph….

What fun!

I heard that they will put the story on the Big News Box (television) tomorrow evening at about 6.30pm – please do try to catch it.

I’m off to practice my best smile for the cameras….

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



4 thoughts on “Lights, camera, action…..!

      • Hi Carol, I haven’t forgotten your autograph – I’m just finding it really hard to hold a pen…it’s not as simple as I first thought and I think the People Thingys were very confused when they found one of their black biros in my crate the other day…..they don’t seem to notice the little netbook, though….

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