Welcome, Westie!

We have welcomed a new little girl hog today called Westie.  She’s really sweet – very small – and she has a lovely little smile.  I hope that once she has settled in a bit, we can become friends.

She came from Frome – gosh, there there seems to be lots of little hogs out and about over there?!  Thank you so much to all you People Thingys over there doing your bit for us hogs.  We really do appreciate it.

Westie was telling me when she arrived that a really lovely People Thingy called Barry collected her in his Moving Box (I think you call this a car) and he was chatting to her all the way back to Prickles.  How kind!  Hello, Barry.  Thank you for helping Westie.  She’s ever so grateful.

I’m hoping to be able to put little pictures on here soon and show you some of the friends that I talk about so much.  It will be like a little Hog-Rogues Gallery !  Watch this space.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian




One thought on “Welcome, Westie!

  1. Hi Crispian,
    Im a Cheddar local and have been looking to adopt a hedgehog/s for my garden. I saw a tv piece on how people struggle to find homes for blind hedgehogs, keeping them safe. I have a totally enclosed garden, mainly grass. I don’t use any slug pellets and have a healthy brood of slugs and toads that like to hang out!
    If you think I would be a suitable hedgehog parent, I’d love to come up and have a chat. Kind Regards,

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