Feeling festive…

Feeling festive...

From http://www.flvrd.com, this is quite silly….but also quite cute….not sure it would suit me, though.

Love Crispian



4 thoughts on “Feeling festive…

  1. That’s so cute! Did you know that in America, some people keep hedgehogs as pet? Do you think you guys make good pets? Are you little hedgies sociable or a bit scared of us People Thingys?

    • Hi Space cadet, as wild hogs we are quite scared of People Thingys…however, at Prickles we know that they’re there to help us so we are less frightened.
      Can I ask you a question? As your name is space cadet, do you really go into space ? Do you ride in a spaceship? Wow! I look up at night
      when I’m out and about and see shiny
      things in the Upstairs.

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