Silly Billy

We have another little hog from my neck of the woods in the Hogspital.

Little Billy arrived last night really late and he was so cold…he went straight into a warm little crate and he snuggled down in his fleece and started snoring.  I chuckled to myself at the noises he was making – he was obviously happy.

As the weather is getting colder this week, could I ask everyone to keep a really good eye out for hogs, especially the small ones – they just won’t survive the cold if they are left.  Scoop them up, pop them in a box and ring your local rescue centre.

Thank you.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian


2 thoughts on “Silly Billy

  1. Awwwww, thats so cute! I have 2 juveniles too and i’m feeding them up 2 hibenate over the winter!;) they are doing really well;) i love how noisy they eat! Ha ha!;)

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