Sad news

We had a new little hog arrive earlier today and they seemed ever so sweet.

However, I didn’t realise just how poorly they were.  People Thingys had been looking after it but just didn’t realise that it needed specialist care.

By the time it had been brought into Prickles, it was far too poorly for Jules and the People Thingys to save it….and it died not long after it came in.

Of course, it’s really sad for everyone when hogs don’t make it.  We are at risk of getting really poorly with all sorts of things.  I don’t understand what any of these things are, but one of the People Thingys helping in the Hogspital was saying that we can get really complicated things wrong with us…worms, infections, dehydration, injuries….and if we’re not cared for in the right way, it can make us worse…much worse.

Please, please – if you find a hog contact your nearest rescue centre.  They might need things that you just can’t give and it will be kinder for the little hog, no matter how much you might want to help it yourself.

Thank you.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian


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