One Woof and it’s Winnie

On a brighter note, we had another arrival today, this time from Wincanton, who is doing okay.

She’s called Winnie and the early signs are that she’s likely to give Horace a run for his mealworms – she never stops eating! Even when Jules and her People Thingys were giving her special things to make her feel better, she kept on eating. Crumbs!

She told me – in between mouthfuls – that a dog had found her, which must have been really scary for her because they can be a little bit mean to us hogs. We usually have to roll up tightly in a ball to protect ourselves and just pray really hard that we’ll be okay. Luckily for Winnie, this dog just barked lots at her and her People Thingy, who then picked her up and brought her into the Hogspital.

And so Winnie, as we speak, is still eating….she might keep me awake later if she’s still munching like this. She’s so noisy! She’s right at the end of my shelf and she was quite chatty earlier, so I think she might tell me a few stories about the Big World once she finally stops stuffing her face…so hungry….crumbs.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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