New friends

We’ve got some new hogs coming into Prickles soon…can’t wait to meet them! New chums to natter to.

The People Thingys have been really busy…all the shelves that our little crates sit in have been moved around because I think they need more room.

There are 114 hogs in Prickles at the moment which I’m told is a lot of hogs…Alvin has been trying to come up with a name for a lot of hogs in one place…he’s always trying to make a giggle out of everything.

I think the Big World is a little nicer today. I’m hoping that it stays like that so that all the hogs enjoying their Big Sleep stay nice and dry.

Catch you again soon.
Love Crispian


One thought on “New friends

  1. Dear Crispian,

    I’m a people thingy that looks after lots of little boys and girls just like you. Last night I got one of the little boys out to check him over and his ear had fallen off. I have the ear, it was neatly wrapped up in his bedding. Do you have any ideas why this might have happened and have you checked your ears recently to make sure they are both present and correct?

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