Mistaken identity

Morning everyone

We had a funny moment here last night at Prickles.  It was a case of “mistaken identity”!

Two little hogs were brought into us, one from Shepton Mallet and one from round here in Cheddar.  The People Thingys were really sure that one of them was a little one called Watney.  He had been treated a few weeks ago and returned to a see-through house (greenhouse?) for his Big Sleep.

Well, the People Thingys believed one of the hogs that came in yesterday was Watney.  They checked him over really carefully – and then they realised: it wasn’t Watney!!!  It was a different little hog and his name is Butcombe.  I don’t know what the other hog is called because they were very shy and wriggled into their fleecy as soon as it was put into their crate.

So little Watney must still be in his Big Sleep in the see-through house.  Good for him!

Why do they call the see-through houses green?!  Us hogs have never understood that…perhaps you could tell me.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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