Yes and no

Lola has just suggested that I give out a little bit of advice…try and help People Thingys to do the right thing for us hogs.

She liked the post I put up earlier about the bread and milk….I suppose I could pass on a few more top tips.  Let me know if you think they’re useful:


Put out water instead of milk for us to drink – this won’t upset our tummies

Make sure your rubbish bags are tied up – we don’t want to crawl inside thinking they’re safe and then get into trouble

If you’re going to burn lots of leaves in your grassy places would you please move it a little bit first…make sure there no hogs inside

We like warm, cosy places to curl up in – perhaps you would double-check your grassy place buildings before closing them.

Make sure we can get out of little water places (I think you call them ponds) by putting plastic mesh or steps next to them (thank you to Gill for the update on the mesh)

Please leave little baby hogs in their nests – ring a hog rescue centre for advice instead of waking them.  They will be in a really bad mood otherwise!

Avoid using netting for climbing plants – we can get our little feet tangled up in it.

Always speak to someone at a rescue centre if you don’t know what to do – if in doubt, leave it out!! (Eddy’s laughing at this one!)


Please don’t use the little pellet things that kill slugs.  We really enjoy eating those.

Don’t take us from the Big World if there is nothing wrong with us – you’re probably taking us away from our homeland and we will feel very lost and quite upset.  We’re not pets. Plus, if it’s a female she might have babies nearby.

Please don’t worry about fleas.  If we’re going to get Crawlies they won’t want to jump onto your pets!

If we’re poorly or injured, no matter how much you might want to help us, please ask someone at a rescue centre to take us in.  They know what they’re doing.

I hope this has helped – please do ask me questions if you’re feeling a little confused. My little head is spinning now and my paws need a rest from typing so much…!

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



2 thoughts on “Yes and no

  1. Now Crispian you should know better.

    Never use chicken wire. It’s now banned for use in animal housing as it is so sharp it cuts them very easily.

    A little hog lost its feet yesterday trying to climb out of a pond with a helpful chicken wire climbing frame and had to be put to sleep.

    Use the plastic mesh sold in garden centres for climbing plants.

    • Many thanks for your note, Gill and thank you for visiting my little blog.

      You’re right about the chicken wire – I got some spines caught in-between the keys as I was typing and I did mean plastic mesh! I did update my note, though.

      It’s a pleasure to have you on board and welcome to my little world!

      Love Crispian

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