No milk for me

Hello everyone

I hope all my wonderful People Thingy followers are a little bit drier this morning.  It was so soggy yesterday – we couldn’t understand how much water could come from the Upstairs.

I wanted to remind you of something.  Lots of lovely People Thingys put bread and milk out for hogs in their grassy places and because we can be a bit greedy, we do enjoy eating it all up.  But it’s not good for us.  Gives us poorly tummies.  Over time, it can really upset us.

Could I please ask all the kind People Thingys to leave saucers of water out instead?  The water that fell yesterday from the Upstairs could collect in little containers if you left them around your grassy places and we would really enjoy that.

Thank you from us all.  Well, those of us who are awake.  Keeping this blog going means that I’m awake a lot more than some of the others, although Eddy was saying that my paws tapping away on the keyboard kept him awake last night…any excuse for a moan!

Catch you again soon – and don’t forget, you can always ask me questions about hogs in general or about Prickles Hedgehog Rescue.  I will always try my best to answer them.

Oh, and somebody has just told me that I have had nearly 500 visitors already this morning….that’s lots I think…gosh.  Thank you.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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