A Big Fat Sleep

Did you know that for us hogs to be able to go and get our Big Sleep for the winter (I think you People Thingys call it hibernation) we need to be a certain weight.  That means that we have to keep eating until we get to about 650gms.  That’s just over half a bag of sugar.

Once we’ve got to that weight – and we just know as hogs once we’ve reached it – we then start looking for a cosy place to snooze.  We use leaves, grass, moss, anything we can find that will help us bed down.

Those hogs that are out and about now, either during the day or the night time, have not reached their proper weight and will struggle to be able to have their Big Sleep because they don’t have enough fat on them to keep them going.  It’s like having a little in-built larder on board.  No midnight snack runs for us – we have it all there stashed away.

Alvin, Mr Giggles himself, asked me to let you know about this because he’s worried that People Thingys might not know that it isn’t right to see us hogs around at this time of the year.  We should all be curled up asleep.  If you do see one out, please pick them up, put them in a box and call your nearest hog rescue centre.  They will keep them warm and feed them over the cold times until the Spring.

Except those of us blogging.  Say no more.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



One thought on “A Big Fat Sleep

  1. Hi Crispian i have yust been brought to Prickles from Frome.The kind ladies there made me very welcome gave me a drink and some food and tucked me up nice and warm .not bad eh? perhaps when i feel stronger we can meet up and have a midnight feast urchin from Frome x

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