Rain, rain go away

Lots of People Thingys are arriving this morning looking just like Holly Cat does when she’s been out in the Big World when it rains: soggy and fed up!

I have been watching the water come down from the Upstairs all morning.  I could hear it all night as well, which was really good because it was so noisy it drowned out Eddy’s moaning.  He’s turned into a moaner, too…surprises me, really, because he seemed such a happy-go-lucky chap in the Big World.  Perhaps he would rather be enjoying his Big Sleep….?

Anyway, we had a record number of People Thingys visiting my stories yesterday, and I want to thank everyone for their support.

Catch you again soon, probably after brekkie time me thinks!

Love Crispian



One thought on “Rain, rain go away

  1. It did rain a lot last night, I went out to see if I could find the hedgehogs in my garden. My mummy came with me, she likes to make sure they are doing well after they left Prickles Hogspital. She says they are now really big but does tell me off when I bark at them. I’m only trying to show here where to look!
    Holly the hog dog

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