Holly Cat

I suppose we should be frightened of cats. Certainly in the Big World, us hogs keep ourselves very much to ourselves;  we just do “hog stuff” and if a cat is around when we’re out and about, we keep a healthy distance.  They won’t ever hurt us, though.  If they do come close and we can’t scamper off in time, we roll into a tight little ball and hope our spiney coats will protect us.

However, us hogs at Prickles Hedgehog Rescue centre have gotten to know a very friendly cat called Holly.  She pops into the centre three times a day.  The People Thingys make nearly as much fuss of her as they do us lot.  She gets her cat biscuits and munches away.  I thought Horace was noisy!  Crikey!  I thought her little teeth were going to fall out the first time I heard her!

She makes this funny noise as well if she thinks she’s being ignored  if she’s kept waiting for her food.  Talk about impatient.  Her little face screws up, too!  She’s going to get wrinkles when she gets older if she keeps that up.

More from behind the scenes at Prickles later.  Keep up the messages and tweets – I will try to answer them all personally providing I’m not asleep, eating or trying to stop Fromey from daring the other younger hogs into doing naughty things (he’s really terrible! – I may have to have a chat with him soon)….

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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