Feeling ticked off

The two little ones from Axbridge that came in yesterday, Chestnut and Conker, were reunited with their sister Flossie today. Jules and Cate put her in their crate thinking that they’d be pleased to see each other – they turned their spines on her. How mean. I didn’t understand what was wrong.

And then one of the People Thingys noticed that Flossie had something on her ear. A big tick stuck to her left ear. Eeeuw! I’ve heard about those from Mummy but I’ve never actually met a hog with one. Yikes – how were the People Thingys going to make that better?

There were another two hogs that came in today. One came from miles away in Melksham and another one from Langford. They’re both very cold and hungry and I thought it best to wait to do my usual introductions until they had settled in a bit and I went off to sleep.

However, I wasn’t asleep for long. I had some more visitors later today from my neck of the woods, Weston-super-Mare. They wanted to see how I was doing and brought me some of my favourite chicken cat meat. I could have eaten it all in one sitting but I decided to share it with my chums.

And lastly, I have been doing some thinking….I’m spending quite a bit of time typing away, which is really hard with little paws, and I wondered; is anyone out there? Are other People Thingys reading my stories? If they are, I hope someone could go and tell my Mummy that I’m okay and that I miss her…..

People can always send me little messages, either after one of my updates, or to my own email address:


Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



7 thoughts on “Feeling ticked off

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  2. Loving the blog posts little Crispian. And all your little friends from Essex love reading your stories. There are 11 of us here at the people thingys house. Benji was really lucky and brought in last night. ;0

  3. Hello little’un I’m loving your stories. It sounds like you are having so much fun. I’m one of the ‘people thingys’ but I simply love logging on every day to read about your adventures. I have even sent your blog to other people thingys to have a read too. Also, I recently donated some yummy food for you and the other hogs so I hope you are enjoying the tasty treats!
    Looking forward to meeting you and shaking your little paw. xxx

    • Wow! Thank you for your message. I think you’re a People Thingy from “across the pond”. I’m really pleased to meet you. I will make sure that I tell everyone that you have visited my pages (I can hear Ringo scratching, Flossie snoring, and Fromey has finally gone to sleep which means he’s not challenging people to naughty stunts!)

  4. Hello Crispian,
    We really enjoy reading your blog as it gives us an insight into what our friend, Pinny (number 223), might be up to during her stay at Prickles. Maybe you could say hello to her from us (she’s very pretty – you might like her!).

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