Chums galore

I can’t keep track of all the new chums I’m making…two new little hogs came in yesterday from Axbridge. They are really, really small bless them….need plenty of special formula hog milk I think.

And then there’s Ringo. He made all the gang from Frome smile when he arrived yesterday because he’s from their neck of the woods. But everyone quickly took a little jump back in their crates when they realised he had The Itchies. The People Thingys seem to give this another name, ringworm I think, but us hogs call it the Itchies.

Makes you try to scratch all your spines off….terrible thing…makes me want to scratch just thinking about it. He’ll be okay, though. He was given lots of things to make him better.

Lots of People Thingys coming into Prickles today, two in particular who always make a big fuss of me and want cuddles…I’ll try to be a little bit more brave when they hold me and uncurl for a bit longer. They like that.

Catch you all again soon.
Love Crispian


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