Horace the Hungry

I seem to have lots of new friends all of a sudden. Little Eddy from Weston is doing really well – we’ve been catching up on the old times between crates. His cough is still really noisy but I think he’s getting a bit better.

Three more little hogs came in yesterday from somewhere called Frome – I only know this because one of the People Thingys was talking about them at feeding time last night. These new hogs appear quite friendly but their crate isn’t near mine and I’m finding it a bit difficult trying to talk to them..I do know that their names are Fromey, Harry and Pickles.

Even more exciting is that we’ve got another little hog booked in from the same place, Frome, today. He was really chatty with me and told me that his name is Horace. Apparently, it’s getting really cold outside in Big World, and there isn’t very much food around. I told him that I wriggled inside a crisp packet because it smelt so lovely…I hadn’t seen an earthworm for ages and I was certain there was going to be food inside that glistening silver hiding place.

Apparently, Horace was saying that there’s very few earthworms where he’s come from and he’s had to make do with scraps of food that he’s found lying around. He was also struggling to find enough dry, warm bedding around – everywhere is so damp and cold, it’s really tough now for us hogs to find somewhere nice for our Big Sleep.

We’re all much better off in Prickles Hedgehog Rescue. We’re warm and cosy, get fed regularly with as much meal worms and cat food as we can eat, and if we’re poorly, they give us things that make us better.

There’s a great little gang of us all here now. We get on really well. I think Horace is really funny when he eats because he makes such a noise. It’s as though he’s never had a good meal in his life! So, I’ve decided that I’m going to call him Horace the Hungry. Fromey giggles every time I say it!

The People Thingys have been really busy this morning weighing us all, checking us over, cleaning us out….there seems to be a lot of work to keeping us little hogs happy. And we are happy. Very!

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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