Standing to attention

It’s really good fun staying at Prickles.  We had a roll-call of names last night.  I suppose it was like standing to attention.

All our little crates have numbers on them.  Jules, Cate and the “People Thingys” (that’s what we call everyone that looks after us) were jiggling us all around and making sure we were all there!  I wanted to do a little salute but us hogs have little legs and I probably would have fallen over.  I think it would have been funny though!

Once we were all counted for on the register I noticed a new visitor was making a terrible coughing noise.  I recognised the noise straight away…or at least I think I recognised it!  My little chum Eddy from my neck of the woods was brought in!  Bless him!  He was given some special medicine to make his cough better.  I hope he feels himself soon.

Catch you again soon.

Love Crispian



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