Join the Hogs

Joining the 3 new little ones from Frome was another litter mate this morning making it four.  And now – a fifth litter chum is on its way in!  How cute! We are so desperate for crates now that some hogs are being paired up with others to free some crates for new admissions – […]

Hogs get heaps of blog-hits

I just wanted to say to everyone in my loudest little voice:  I’ve had over 10,000 hits on my little blog!! I’m so excited I could burst – nearly as excited as seeing the 100 packets of cat meat that arrived this morning!  I hear mealworms are on their way too….we are so lucky here. […]

Hog Box

Prickles have all sorts of ideas up their sleeves to try and raise a bit of money for the centre – this is one of them; a Hog Box. For £25.00, you can buy your own box that us hogs would simply love to snuggle up in! Buyers must collect from the centre, though – […]

New chums

We had six new little hogs into the centre yesterday, one of whom was so cold and poorly that sadly it died…..I’m still feeling really sad about it and I know my chums here are a little down. However, we do have another 5 hogs to chat to and I will put up a little […]

Techno Trouble

Being a hog here at Prickles is a wonderful thing…we get to be looked after round the clock by wonderful People Thingys.  A little bit like a Hog Hotel except they give us special things to make us better, so Hogspital is the better way of thinking about it. However, I didn’t think that I […]

Linking Hog

I have been so excited by some places on the computer today that have written nice things about Prickles Hedgehog Rescue – and about me! – that I thought I would tell you about them. Cheddar Valley Gazette have written about a horrible case of children locally in Axbridge using us hogs as little footballs. […]